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From the Specification: The value of can be one of the following strings. , , , , , , , , , , , .

From the Specification:

ES5 Note: For convenience the return value of for both and was changed from to and in ECMAScript 5.


The operator compares the constructors of its two operands. It is only useful when comparing custom made objects. Used on built-in types, it is nearly as useless as the Pedro Garcia Suede PointedToe Flats Clearance Shop For AiRCGBa

Comparing Custom Objects

Using with Native Types

One important thing to note here is that does not work on objects that originate from different JavaScript contexts (e.g. different documents in a web browser), since their constructors will not be the exact same object.

In Conclusion

The operator should only be used when dealing with custom made objects that originate from the same JavaScript context. Just like the Fendi Patent Leather PointedToe Pumps Huge Surprise Online Free Shipping Pictures Latest Collections Sale Supply ptPJeuB
operator, every other use of it should be avoided .

JavaScript is a language, so it will apply wherever possible.

To avoid the issues above, use of the strict equal operator is highly recommended. Although this avoids a lot of common pitfalls, there are still many further issues that arise from JavaScript's weak typing system.

Constructors of Built-In Types

The constructors of the built in types like and behave differently when being used with the keyword and without it.

Using a built-in type like as a constructor will create a new object, but leaving out the keyword will make the function behave like a converter.

In addition, passing literals or non-object values will result in even more type coercion.

The best option is to cast to one of the three possible types explicitly .

Casting to a String

By prepending an empty string, a value can easily be cast to a string.

Casting to a Number

Using the unary plus operator, it is possible to cast to a number.

Casting to a Boolean

By using the not operator twice, a value can be converted to a boolean.

ES5 Note: Number literals that start with a are interpreted as octal (Base 8). Octal support for these has been removed in ECMAScript 5 strict mode.


The function will execute a string of JavaScript code in the local scope.

However, only executes in the local scope when it is being called directly when the name of the called function is actually .

The use of should be avoided. 99.9% of its "uses" can be achieved without it.

in Disguise

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and can both take a string as their first argument. This string will always get executed in the global scope since is not being called directly in that case.

Security Issues

also is a security problem, because it executes any code given to it. It should never be used with strings of unknown or untrusted origins.

In Conclusion

should never be used. Any code that makes use of it should be questioned in its workings, performance and security. If something requires in order to work, it should not be used in the first place. A should be used, that does not require the use of .

JavaScript has two distinct values for nothing, and , with the latter being more useful.

The Value

is a type with exactly one value: .

The language also defines a global variable that has the value of ; this variable is also called . However, this variable is neither a constant nor a keyword of the language. This means that its can be easily overwritten.

Here are some examples of when the value is returned:

Handling Changes to the Value of

Since the global variable only holds a copy of the actual of , assigning a new value to it does not change the value of the .

Still, in order to compare something against the value of , it is necessary to retrieve the value of first.

To protect code against a possible overwritten variable, a common technique used is to add an additional parameter to an anonymous wrapper that gets no argument passed to it.

Another way to achieve the same effect would be to use a declaration inside the wrapper.

The only difference here is that this version results in 4 more bytes being used in case it is minified, and there is no other statement inside the anonymous wrapper.

Uses of

While in the context of the JavaScript language is mostly used in the sense of a traditional , the actual (both a literal and a type) is more or less just another data type.

It is used in some JavaScript internals (like declaring the end of the prototype chain by setting ), but in almost all cases, it can be replaced by .

ES5 Note: in ECMAScript 5 is no longer in strict mode, but its name can still be shadowed by for example a function with the name .

AST Dongle Value:
AST Dongle Value:
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La aplicación de mensajería instantánea del mundo tiene un ritmo frenético de actualizaciones. WhatsApp para Android es un constante recopilatorio de novedades , que tratan de mejorar la experiencia de los millones de usuarios que la utilizan a diario.

Seguramente, alguna vez hayas querido ocultar de la galería las fotos que recibes de WhatsApp, y para ello, hayas tenido que recurrir a aplicaciones de terceros. Con la última beta de WhatsApp, es posible que las fotos que recibimos no aparezcan en la galería , así que vamos a enseñarte cómo puedes hacer esto de forma sencilla.

Así se ocultan las fotos que te llegan a WhatsApp de la galería

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nos desvela, una vez más, las novedades de WhatsApp en su última versión beta. En concreto, hablamos de la versión 2.18.159, accesible mediante el programa beta de WhatsApp en Google Play . Esta, trae bastantes novedades , entre las que se encuentra la opción de ocultar el contenido multimedia de la galería. Como puedes ver en la imagen, tan solo debemos seguir unos sencillos pasos.

De esta forma, las fotos que te lleguen a WhatsApp serán accesibles en los chats , pero cualquiera que acceda a tu galería principal no podrá ver dicho contenido. Sin duda, se trata de una buena medida, y es que si tenemos WhatsApp protegido con contraseña , es prácticamente imposible que cualquier usuario medio pueda ver ni una sola fotografía que nos hayan mandado a través de la aplicación.

Aparte de esta novedad, la nueva versión de Whatsapp beta incorpora un nuevo acceso rápido para añadir contactos en la pestaña de contactos , algo que nos facilitará la vida a la hora de añadir personas. WhatsApp mejora poco a poco, yendo por el buen camino, y permitiendo a los usuarios tener cada vez más control, al menos, sobre la app.

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