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12 Sep 2012
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, Trivia

On September 11, 1962, the Beatles returned to EMI’s Abbey Road studios to re-record their first single. One week earlier, the group had recorded “How Do You Do It,” a song written by tunesmith Mitch Murray, and “Love Me Do,” a Lennon-McCartney original, for possible release as their first single. But upon repeated plays of the acetates of both songs, George Martin was not convinced that the recordings were worthy of becoming the band’s debut single. Although the Beatles had competently performed “How Do You Do It,” he knew the group wanted to release their own songs on the single. As for “Love Me Do,” Martin thought it could be improved.

Martin booked studio time on September 11, 1962, for the Beatles to record a remake of Love Me Do, along with one of their own compositions for the flip side. Due to a scheduling conflict, Martin had to miss the start of the session. He arranged for Ron Richards to produce the session until his arrival. Although Ringo’s drumming was an improvement over that of Pete Best, neither Martin nor Richards was satisfied with the drum sound on Love Me Do. Without consulting or warning the Beatles or their manager, Richards hired Andy White, a reliable studio drummer, to sit in with the band for the session. The first song recorded on September 11 was P.S. I Love You, which features Paul on lead vocal and bass, supported by John and George on backing vocals and guitars. To the surprise and disappointment of the group, Richards insisted that Andy White play the drums. Ringo, making the best of a humiliating situation, dutifully shook maracas. White’s rhythm on the wood block and Ringo’s maracas give the song a Latin flavor. The tenth and final take was used for the finished master. For the remake of Love Me Do, Andy White was once again behind the drums, while Ringo was relegated to tambourine. The group took 18 takes to obtain a satisfactory recording of the song. The main difference between the September 4 recording and the September 11 remake is the presence of tambourine on the later recording.

From the four songs recorded on September 4 and 11, Martin selected one of the versions of “Love Me Do” to be the A-side of the Beatles first single and “P.S. I Love You” to serve as the B-side. The following questions pertain to the various records that contain one of the two released versions of “Love Me Do.” Version One from September 4, 1962, has Ringo on drums. It shall be identified as “Ringo on drums.” Version Two from September 11, 1962, has Andy White on drums and Ringo on tambourine. It shall be identified as Ringo on tambourine.

What version of “Love Me Do” appears on:

1. The A-side of the Beatles first single issued on Parlophone Records ?

2. The Beatles “Please Please Me” album?

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Facebook confirms to TechCrunch that it’s investigating a security research report that shows Facebook user data can be grabbed by third-party JavaScript trackers embedded on websites using Login With Facebook. The exploit lets these trackers gather a user’s data including name, email address, age range, gender, locale, and profile photo depending on what users originally provided to the website. It’s unclear what these trackers do with the data, but some of their parent companies sell publisher monetization services based on collected user data.

The abusive scripts were found on 434 of the top 1 million websites including cloud database provider MongoDB. That’s Manolo Blahnik Suede Ankle Cuff Sandals Cheapest Online cvHiI6cDj
, which is hosted by Princeton’s Center For Information Technology Policy.

Meanwhile, concert site BandsInTown was found to be passing Login With Facebook user data to embedded scripts on sites that install its Amplified advertising product. An invisible BandsInTown iframe would load on these sites, pulling in user data that was then accessible to embedded scripts. That let any malicious site using BandsInTownlearn the identity of visitors. BandsInTown has now fixed this vulnerability.

TechCrunch is still awaiting a formal statement from Facebook beyond “We will look into this and get back to you.”

[Update 4/19/18 10:15am: A Facebook spokesperson now tells us “Scraping Facebook user data is in direct violation of our policies. While we are investigating this issue, we have taken immediate action by suspending the ability to link unique user IDs for specific applications to individual Facebook profile pages, and are working to institute additional authentication and rate limiting for Facebook Login profile picture requests.”]

After TechCrunch brough the issue to MongoDB’s attention this morning, it investigated and just provided this statement “We were unaware that a third-party technology was using a tracking script that collects parts of Facebook user data. We have identified the source of the script and shut it down.”

BandsInTown tells me “Bandsintown does not disclose unauthorized data to third parties and upon receiving an email from a researcher presenting a potential vulnerability in a script running on our ad platform, we quickly took the appropriate actions to resolve the issue in full.” [Correction: Two sites listed by the researchers have confirmed via fraud prevention service Forter that they did not host any exploitative trackers, or that their trackers did not have access to Facebook data. They’ve been removed from the research paper and subsequently from this article. Two of the tracker companies have confirmed they don’t collect Facebook data, and we’ve removed them as well.]

The discovery of these data security flaws comes at a vulnerable time for Facebook. The company is trying to Sale Geniue Stockist Cheap Genuine Isaac Mizrahi Leather Cutout Pumps Countdown Package Sale Online KCVpRZo
, CEO Mark Zuckerberg just Low Price Fee Shipping For Sale Newest Rag amp; Bone Wessex Wingtip Booties fBm9kOt
, and today it Free Shipping Release Dates Buy Cheap Footlocker Céline Espadrille Wedge Sandals PczaPE0tnG
to comply with Europe’s GDPR law. But Facebook’s Salvatore Ferragamo BuckleAccented SquareToe Pumps Many Colors Cheap Sale Newest GZygcC0S
didn’t prevent these exploits. And the situation shines more light on the little-understood ways Facebook users are tracked around the Internet, not just on its site.

“When a user grants a website access to their social media profile, they are not only Burberry Check Slide Sandals Clearance With Credit Card WoJNBBBU
, but also third parties embedded on that site” writes Englehardt. This chart shows that what some trackers are pulling from users. Freedom To Tinker warned OnAudience about another security issue recently, leading it to stop collecting user info.

Facebook could have identified these trackers and prevented these exploits with sufficient API auditing. It’s currently ramping up API auditing as it hunts down other developers that might have improperly shared, sold, or used data like how Dr. Aleksandr Kogan’s app’s user data ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica. Facebook could also change its systems to prevent developers from taking an app-specific user ID and employing it to discover that person’s permanent overarching Facebook user ID.

Revelations like this are likely to beckon a bigger data backlash. Over the years, the public had became complacent about the ways their data was exploited without consent around the web. While it’s Facebook in the hot seat, other tech giants like Google rely on user data and operate developer platforms that can be tough to police. Andnews publishers, desperate to earn enough from ads to survive, often fall in with sketchy ad networks and trackers.

Zuckerberg makes an easy target because the Facebook founder is still the CEO, allowing critics and regulators to blame him for the social network’s failings. But any company playing fast and loose with user data should be sweating.

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

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San Francisco Sep 5 - 7

But using our patterns inline approach, the following would be possible:

And so on. We may well have a preference for one of these approaches, but it is just another variation worth being aware of.

At the end of the day, design patterns are just one facet to writing maintainable jQuery plugins. There are a number of other factors worth considering and I would like to share my own criteria for selecting third-party plugins to address some of the other concerns. I hope this helps increase the overall quality of your plugin projects:


Adhere to best practices with respect to both the JavaScript and jQuery that you write. Are efforts being made to lint the plugin code using either jsHint or jsLint? Is the plugin written optimally?

Code Style

Does the plugin follow a consistent code style guide such as the Lanvin Leather Bow Flats Buy Cheap 2018 f1TQAdUN
? If not, is your code at least relatively clean and readable?


Which versions of jQuery is the plugin compatible with? Has it been tested with the latest jQuery-git builds or latest stable? If the plugin was written before jQuery 1.6, then it might have issues with attributes and properties, because the way they were approached changed in that release.

New versions of jQuery offer improvements and opportunities for the jQuery project to improve on what the core library offers. With this comes occasional breakages (mainly in major releases) as we move towards a better way of doing things. I’d like to see plugin authors update their code when necessary or, at a minimum, test their plugins with new versions to make sure everything works as expected.


The plugin should come with its own set of unit tests. Not only do these prove it actually functions as expected, but they can also improve the design without breaking it for end users. I consider unit tests essential for any serious jQuery plugin that is meant for a production environment, and they’re not that hard to write. For an excellent guide to automated JavaScript testing with QUnit, you may be interested in “ Automating JavaScript Testing With QUnit ,” by Jörn Zaefferer .


If the plugin needs to perform tasks that require extensive processing or heavily manipulation of the DOM, one should follow best practices for benchmarking to help minimize this. Use Cheap Sale Pay With Visa Outlet Discount Sale Prada Suede RoundToe KneeHigh Boots Exclusive Sale Online Factory Outlet For Sale 0Jt3Pal
to test segments of the code to a) how well it performs in different browsers and b) discover what, if anything, might be optimized further.


If the intension is for other developers to use the plugin, ensure that it’s well documented. Document the API and how the plugin is to be used. What methods and options does the plugin support? Does it have any gotchas that users need to be aware of? If users cannot figure out how to use the plugin, they’ll likely look for an alternative. It is also of great help to comment your plugin code. This is by far the best gift you can offer other developers. If someone feels they can navigate your code base well enough to use it or improve it, then you’ve done a good job.

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